Upholstery and Furnishings.

Upholstery and Furnishings.

Aniline Leather, Dye Application.




Aniline sofa full dye process.






Blue & Pink cows are rare. But they are colours of Sofas and chair!

That means that the leather has been PAINTED, or more specifically PIGMENTED.

Not your ordinary paint from the DIY shop, but a specially formulated pigment that will adhere to a skin, with various other magical situations that has been applied!

The cracked and bald patches that have occurred on your furnishings is due to a multitude of reasons, but mainly due to the covering finish (like a varnish) breaking down and exposing the weaker pigment, which wears away.

Do not despair…yet! This can be rectified. Unless told.

Aniline leather is another ball game, a natural tanned hide has an amount of dye or oils applied, this is then allowed to live its life and grow older naturally, and bears the scars of life, water stains and scars and scuffs, a different view needs to be discussed as to restoration, and unfortunately not every mark can be removed, sometimes lucky, but Heh Ho, that’s life, and if it has got to this stage it must be worth saving.

Old, worn and damaged, sofa cushions, but new not wanted.
Cleaned, degreased and flexible leather filler applied.
Primer and colour matched to original, Satin Finish and protection applied. Ok for a few more years!
Aniline Waterstained
Aniline water stains removed
Aniline cushion in very bad condition.
Only one way to go ..and that’s darker!

Further details will be revealed. please contact 01803 844664.

Leather Re-colouring top up.
Chesterfield cushions after re-colour top up.
In dire need of colour.



After a re dye.

The complete set re dyed.
The Re-Dyed finish