Leather bag repairs & restoration.

Leather bag repairs & restoration.

Mulberry need a Makeover? Kors need a Clean?

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So the favourite bag can now come from the depths of the wardrobe, and be of use again! 

This was a 1960’Weekender Bag in need of repair, patterns were made of the damaged parts . 

 Parts made from 6 mm Vegetable Tanned Saddle Skirt Leather, dyed and hand stitched.               

Hand Saddle Stitched and Copper Riveted. One Happy Bag & Customer.

Mulberry Roxanne

Gucci Attache case. Before.
Gucci Attache Case. Before.
Gucci Attache Case. After.
Lois Vuitton. Strap damaged.

New strap fitting made. Colour match thread and Saddle Stitched.
Handbag strap damage, rotted and stitching given way.
Strap repair, leather cut to size, coloured, edges finished, hand stitched and brass rivet fixed.

Old backpack needing new straps.
No messing about! Rivets need cutting off.
New parts being calculated for cutting.
Straps cut, holes punched, edges being bevelled
Dye to match.
Straps fitted & Copper rivets in place.

Bag made from Reindeer leather. A Russian ship sunk off the Plymouth coast in the 1700’s, the hides were rescued in the 1960’s and the leather used exclusively. This was now in need of a bit of DLC!
Antique bags in for a refurbish.

For bag cleaning and repair contact 01803 844664