‘Whatever the Leather’ Repair & Restoration Items.

From creating new straps for bags, replacing buckles and rings Touching in colours lost, handles, stitching, and things!

Saddle Bags and Jackets, Shooting Sticks, even a pair of ancient Lederhosen! Whatever the Leather, give me a call.

If you have a leather item that is old, tired or just needs refreshing then contact me and I will discuss your options with you. Or if you wish, send a picture of the item to admin@devonleathercare.co.uk where I can see what can be done and discuss your requirements.

As from 2020 Devon Leather Care will not be travelling to customers. so items such as Sofas, Chairs and Car Interiors will not be worked on unless they can be brought to the workshop.

100 year old Gun Case Refurbished & Interior relined.


WW11 Flying Jacket Repair and recondition.

80+ year old sheepskin jacket that has seen some life!

Renovation of WW1 German ‘Picklehauber’ Helmet

Sword Scabbard repair and new sword acorn.

Rocking Horse saddle and tack remade.

Rivets and stitching completely wrecked on this Vuitton weekender. But some remedial work has put it back to use again.
Binocular case.
Stitching had failed after 70 years.
Box stitched the lid back together.
Genuine crocodile suitcase from the early 1900’s. Handle re-made. Damage to case repaired and coloured.

This was bomb damage! If anyone has seen the repair to a briefcase on The Repair Shop, then this beats it hands down!

A very sentimental piece, as they all are, they all have ‘the touch of the person, they belonged to. Lots of work, but now can be used again, and still has ‘the feel’

Victorian umbrella, needing a new handle strap.