Chesterfield Rejuvenation

This grand old man of 16 years plus was in need of re-buttoning in the seating area. The Aniline leather was badly de-hydrated and was starting to crack, areas of grease was starting to build up, which would lead to badly blackened areas. The overall finish was very ‘shiny’ which to some would be an ideal look but the leather is being smothered in ‘polish’. A complete ‘Spa Treatment’ was needed! The patient was in North Devon so collection was arranged to be brought back to the workshop. The buttoning was a days job, as the deep pull of the buttons have to made from underneath the frame. All the threads were reinforced to the metal frame and a new bottom dust cover fitted. The process of cleaning then took place ,the greasy areas were treated first this can take several days to remove according to the amount of absorption of body oils, once this had been treated and cured, the cleaning and stain removal can take place. As every treatment needs to dry before you can proceed to the next it is not a ‘quick fix’!

Once the cleaning has reached an acceptable level, an Aniline Finish is applied, this plumps the leather fibres by adding Fat Liquors to the hide and giving a silky soft feel to the leather.

Once completed and ‘signed off’ the return delivery was arranged, a very happy customer was reunited with their loved piece of furniture to last many more years.

Call 01803 844664 to see how your favourite piece of leather can be brought back to life.IMG_0021 (1)IMG_0024 (1)IMG_0023 (1)IMG_0025-220160511_155150